My name is Roland Kaschube and I am the driving force behind the LÖWENHERZ Basses.

I am a bass player from Cologne, Germany, and I play bass for ages. I am pretty much in love with electric bass and I adore and admire this instrument that was invented by Leo Fender once.

At the beginning of the millennium and after touching more than 1000 Basses, I found it was the time to create something new.

It was the task to combine the mighty bass tone of classic basses with the definition of legendary neck-through-basses. And, by surprise – it works and sounds!

The result were the outstanding LÖWENHERZ Basses that appeared in Frankfurt in 2004 at the Musikmesse for the very first time.

Since then a lot of things has happened and we released the LÖWENHERZ EXCITER in 2015 and the LÖWENHERZ DAGGER in 2017. And we have still many ideas!