Löwenherz Exciter Bass

We apologize, but the LOWENHERZ EXCITER Bass wants to be not ness than the ultimate electric bass!
The Bass is perfectly balanced, not too light, not too heavy and was made for every situation whenever you are in need of a strong tone. From a tender Pussy Cat to a roaring Tiger, every sound is possible.
„High Class“ to us means – no compromise! So you won’t find any plastic or cheap material on a LOWENHERZ EXCITER Bass. We think that only the best materials are needed to get that outstanding tone and a unique instrument. Let’s take a closer look...



Exciter Neck

It all beginns with the neck, this is the origin, this is the founatin. To provide the players with an outstanding sound, we choose a special construction. To built up the neck that we use this method since 2004. The Base is a combination of Maple and Bubinga. We need 11 stripes to form the neck and to create the unique sound of a LOWENHERZ Bass.
Please note, that this is a FULL Neck-Through-Construcion, real from the body to the top!

Body Center Wood

The main tone of the instrument comes from the neck. But of course the Center Wood is from a great importance.

You can choose between two options:

Exciter Body
Swamp Ash

Swamp Ash – we suggest for Rock-Fans as well as Slap-Attacker. Swamp Ash is a little bit lighter than Mahagoni, so the tone is a little bit bigger and shiny.

Exciter Mahagoni

Mahagoni – if you are into Jazz and Fusion, then may be the Mahagoni is your wood. Mahagoni stands for a warm tone and a very nice definition. You can use it for rock as well.

Of course we leave the decision up to you.

Body Surfaces

We offer a nice variety of breath-taking surfacings. For the LÖWENHERZ EXCITER Bass we only select the very finest examples.

Each EXCITER is equiped with AAAAA Quality wood that we use for:

  1. on the body
  2. on the back
  3. on the headstock

This all comes with no extra charge!

We want your wishes to become true!

Here are some suggestions:

Exciter Buckeye
Buckeye Burl
Exciter Walnut
Exciter Black Quilted Maple
Black Quilted Maple
Exciter Amboina
Exciter Quilted Maple
Quilted Maple
Exciter Poplar Burl
Poplar Burl

These are only some suggestions! We have a lot of nice wood in stock... feel free to ask!


Exciter Pickups

For a powerful car you need a strong engine. And for a powerful bass you will also need a strong engine.

Believe it or not, but you will get six engines that work in a LÖWENHERZ EXCITER Bass.

On each each EXCITER you will find three Magic BuckersTM. You can split the coils and than you will have six pickups in general. With these six pickups you can create sounds
From precise Jazz sounds up to extraordinary positions – everything is possible. For each coil you have a seperate On/Off-Switch. That makes it easy to explore new grounds, if you are ready for.

We use for these special bass pickups exclusively handwired by Christoph Dolf/BassCulture. As you see, the wood cases were made of the same wood that we use fort he body.

This feature is included, with no extra charge.

Löwenherz ETS Custom Made Transmission Bridge.

We are very pround that this outstandig bridge is only available on a LÖWENHERZ Bass.
This bridge is especially and only made for LÖWENHERZ, you can not find it on other basses. And we are sorry to say that this is probably the best bass bridge ever made.

This custom made ETS Transmission Bridge is made out of solid brass and provides the Bass with a long, long, long sustain. And this extreme solid bridge takes care of the unique definition this bass has.


Exciter Electronics

The electronic of the EXCITER Bass was created as much as simple to find your tone you need very quick.

Exciter Vol. and Tone

In the cockpit you will find two big knobs. You may have seen it on other basses before. This two knobs stands for VOLUME und TONE (passive).

The passive Tone control also works in the active mode.

Exciter 3-Band

With three smaler knobs you have accees to the 3-Band-EQ, you will find Treble, Mids and Bass. The electronic is made by world famous company Glockenklang.

Exciter Switches

For creating your sound (or in case you want to detonate the hall), each EXCITER is equiped with six On/Off-Switch for each pickup. Here are a lot of sound varieties are waiting for you. This Bass was made for bassists that want to explore new grounds!

The electroic works with a very low consumption and runs at 18 Volts.

Easy Access

Exciter Neckscrew

To adjust the neck within seconds, we build all LÖWENHERZ Basses with free access to the screw at the headstock.

With every bass you will receive the magic key to adjust the neck within seconds.

No screws or other barricades stop you from adjusting the neck even during a live performance.

We have a heart for people who play often live on stage!

Finally: a LÖWENHERZ BASS is made to fulfill all your dreams about an electric bass, but we have to say sorry, you don’t need a bass with six Pickups? Don’t you??