Löwenherz Dagger Bass

If you are searching for a bass, you can do anything with, than you have come to the right place.
Available in different variations, the LÖWENHERZ DAGGER provides you with a lot of extraordinary sounds.
We combine a Maple neck and light Swamp Ash or Alder for the body to create this outstanding bolt-on
Now it’s your turn and you can decide how your DAGGER should look like or sound.

Dagger Gesamtaufnahme


Dagger Finish

We leave the finish of your DAGGER up to your taste. What color comes in your mind, we will be ready to build your perfect bass.

Each Bass comes in high closs or natural finish or with a nice color. If you want a black, red or white fretboard, it’s your choise.

We are big fans of a matching headstock – just feel free to ask!


The LÖWENHERZ DAGGER stands for variations. From one up to six pickups everything is possible.

Each Pickup can be switches on and off – except on the DAGGER Classic II you will have a balance pot.

The DAGGER is available in the following options:

Dagger 4.1 – 4 Strings 1 Pickup Classic I
Dagger 4.2 – 4 Strings 2 Pickups Classic II
Dagger 4.3 – 4 Strings 3 Pickups
Dagger 4.4 – 4-Strings 4 Pickups
Dagger 4.5 – 4 Strings 5 Pickups
Dagger 4.6 – 4 Strings 6 Pickups EXCITING DAGGER

Dagger 5.1 – 5 Strings 1 Pickup Classic I
Dagger 5.2 – 5 Strings 2 Pickups Classic II
Dagger 5.3 – 5 Strings 3 Pickups
Dagger 5.4 – 5-Strings 4 Pickups
Dagger 5.5 – 5 Strings 5 Pickups
Dagger 5.6 – 5 Strings 6 Pickups EXCITING DAGGER

Dagger 6.1 – 6 Strings 1 Pickup Classic I
Dagger 6.2 – 6 Strings 2 Pickups Classic II
Dagger 6.3 – 6 Strings 3 Pickups
Dagger 6.4 – 6-Strings 4 Pickups
Dagger 6.5 – 6 Strings 5 Pickups
Dagger 6.6 – 6 Strings 6 Pickups EXCITING DAGGER

The difference between the variations can be massive. If you have any questions, just drop us a mail!

Regarding the Pickups, you can run your DAGGER with the excellent coils from Christoph Dolf/BassCulture.

But you can also have Mama Pickups, Delano, Nordstrand, EMG, Bartolini, MM-Style and many others.
The most exciting versions of course is that with six Pickups that are exclusively hand wired by BassCulture and played in that version by the one and only Stanley Clarke.


Dagger Pickups

Here are some examples: (from left to right)

1. DAGGER 4.1 Classic I – equiped with one Delano P-Pickup

2. DAGGER 4.2 Classic II – comes here with two Jazz Soapbars (!) from Mama Pickups

3. DAGGER 4.3 – two humbuckers and one P-Soapbar!

4. DAGGER 4.6 – equiped with three MagicBuckers™ = 6 Pickups in general, EXCITING DAGGER

It’s up to you to choise Single Coils, Humbuckers oder MagicBuckers™


Dagger Hardware

We fully trust Schaller’s classic 3-D bridge, it’s a light bridge that provides the bass with fast attack, superb treble frequencies, warm mids and an earthshaking  bass.

Hardware is available in black, chrome or gold. We also offer hardware in matt or nice copper. Be different!


Dagger Heads

A LÖWENHERZ Bass also wants to look perfect. Therefore we use the brand new Schaller Da Vinci on every DAGGER Bass.

The Schaller Da Vinci are may be the most wunderful looking heads you can find on the market. We are very happy to have them on the DAGGER Bass – it suits well!


Dagger Electronics

To keep the electronic clearly arranged, we love it comfortable. So first you have Volume and (passive) Tone Control.

The passive Tone control also works in the acitve mode. As you well know, with these two knobs – Volume and passive Tone Control – you can create wonderful sounds. If you are in need or more (or lesse) frequencies, use the 3-Band-EQ.

Each DAGGER is equiped with lovely Knobs from Q-Parts. You can also get Ebony Knobs – also looks nice.


This LÖWENHERZ DAGGER can be more than a tool, it can be a real Weapon, it can be your voice.
We equiped these Basses with everything you need during a rehearsal, in a studio job or live on stage.

You will be impressed by the mighty and unique tone! We wanted to create a bass that serves definition and still sounds breath-taking.

You only have to chose your DAGGER!



  • Body – Swamp Ash or Alder
  • Neck – Maple
  • Fretboard – Maple
  • Construction – bolt-on
  • Scale – long Scale 34“
  • 24 Frets
  • Pickups – your choise
  • Finish – your choise
  • Heads – Schaller Da Vinci
  • Bridge – Schaller 3D
  • Electronic – Noll or Glockenklang active/passive
  • Equalizer – 3-Band
  • Consumption – 18 Volt
  • Straps – Schaller
  • Comes with a Gigbag

If you are interested or have any questions, drop us a mail!


Dagger, Foto: Ralf
Photo: Ralf Tophoven